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The Great Ram Wrangle

First, I apologize that this post is a day late. Work came out of the woodwork yesterday, chores and tasks falling over each other, all needing to be completed NOW. Then it was dark and I was too tired to consider writing what is sure to be a short post. And why might you ask is… Continue Reading

The Chicks Are Here

I intended for my new chicks to arrive a few weeks ago, but their delivery date coincided with Oak Creek making its foray onto my property. Fortunately for me, I heeded the warning of the USGS and put off delivery until “sometime in early March.” “Sometime” turned out to be Friday. In case you’ve never… Continue Reading

And now the trees

First a flood update. Yes, the snow has begun to melt and the water is rising in the creek again. I think it reached eight feet yesterday because it overran its banks just below my front barn. That’s the lowest spot on the property, a stretch I share with my neighbors Al and Elana. They’ve… Continue Reading

Snowed In

It started with posts on Facebook. Folks from my local area were sharing maps of the predicted storm. It looked like a lot of snow was going to come down in a very short period of time. We were going to be snowed in at least one day at the end of the week. For… Continue Reading


Most of the time I love living next to Oak Creek. The water tumbles merrily in the cool shade of the tall trees as the otters hunt for crayfish. On a hot summer day, I can walk down the creek about a half a mile to where the bank rises about ten feet above my… Continue Reading

Down, Moosie!

Before I get to the dog part of this story, I thought I’d update you all on my newly completed brooder coop. At last, after sorting through all the many bits and pieces of this and that cluttering my barn, buying as little as possible and when necessary from Restore, the coop is done and… Continue Reading

More Lambs

As of January 31st, my youngest ewes reached ten months of age, and that’s the right number if you want your ewes to give you little lambikins. But in order to have lambs, I need a ram. Ugh. Just ugh. For those of you who don’t remember my previous experience with rams, here are a… Continue Reading

Oh No!

Oh No!

It’s almost 70 degrees outside today! How could spring have arrived so early? Wait. I know better. This is Cornville, where spring behaves more like a coy girl peeking around a corner than a timely German passenger train. This happens every year. We’re taunted by a few beautiful spring-like days only to find ourselves once… Continue Reading

A Brooder Coop

If you remember, oh plucky reader, the last time I got chicks–the Brahmas–was two Januarys ago. For their first two weeks they lived in an old cast iron tub that had dirt in the bottom and was covered with several hardware cloth-filled frames to prevent cat intrusion.  This worked really well. Not only did the… Continue Reading

A New Queen

I once again have seven cats living on the farm, courtesy of the new guy in my life. Molly is a Somali Cat, which means she looks more like a fox than a cat. She’s an old girl, about thirteen, and when I first met her, she wasn’t in the best of health. Of course, I… Continue Reading