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House Chicken

First an update on my last two stories. We had a gully-whomper of a rainstorm the other day and the turkey hen did not choose wisely. Rather than hunker down under the porch, which would have kept her and her babies dry, she sat in the Elderberry patch. All three of her chicks drowned when… Continue Reading

Dog Days and Dies Mali

Here on the farm, I am officially suffering the Dog Days of summer.  Not because we haven’t had one worthwhile Monsoon storm, not one decent roll of thunder or cooling spate of rain. And not just because we’re in the 30 to 60-odd day stretch that has been known as the Dog Days almost since… Continue Reading

New Fences

I know, I know. I mentioned I was installing new fences last week, but with the chaos of that day, I didn’t really appreciate what I’d managed to make happen. Now that a week has passed, I think…I hope…no, I’m certain this was exactly what I always wanted. The fence appears to be tight enough… Continue Reading

What a day!

It’s 7 PM and I’m just now getting to the computer. My head is aching and my leg is throbbing. Once again, one of those big red ants climbed up the inside of my pants leg and decided it wasn’t where it wanted to be, so it bit me at my knee. If not for… Continue Reading

A better week

Of course, it wouldn’t have taken much to improve on last week, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I love that saying. As I type the words, I’m remembering an 18th Century painting of the London Horse Fair. A red-nosed farmer is pulling back the lip of a horse,… Continue Reading

Managing Death

This post is late because the last seven days have been unbelievable. It all started on Wednesday when Rosie decided she was done being pregnant. She swiftly and easily dropped a little girl. I was thrilled, mostly because I was crouched under the barberry bush she’d chosen to protect her while she gave birth. If… Continue Reading


Summertime, and the living is easy. And humid. Okay, I know our 35 to 40 percent humidity here in Arizona passes for tolerable in most places, but everything is relative. At least we’ve had our first summer thunderstorm, although all I got was the noise and enough rain to speckle the truck. However, it was enough… Continue Reading

Collars and Crawly backs

Today I bought collars and leashes for the puppies. I’ve hesitated to do this mostly because of Bear. He looks at a collar on any dog smaller than he is and thinks, “Oh good! They installed a handle on this toy for me!” He then lifts said dog and runs off with him, not noticing… Continue Reading


There are many things for which I’m grateful in my life, but until recently I’m not sure I would have put finding this property at the top of that list. Today I think I’m ready to do that. How I ended living here was a strange experience in itself. The story begins on Memorial Day… Continue Reading

Belated Beans

First, a turkey update since the black hawk just interrupted my blogging by trying to take a baby turkey. Tom’s girls laid about three dozen eggs and settled down to brood at the beginning of May. It was bad from the beginning. Rather than stay on their nests full timethe first two weeks, they got… Continue Reading