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Squash Soup

First, I would so like to report that I have a new calf. I can’t.  Although June is getting more serious about letting that baby go, she continues to bide her time. Obviously, her previous owner was incorrect about her due date. She may also have been incorrect about the Holstein bull being the father,… Continue Reading

Still Waiting!

Sigh. There’s no calf yet, at least not outside of June’s body. All the signs are there. Her tail’s loose as are the muscles around the birth canal. Her pin bones are low, her bag is filling up, and every day there are gooey strands wrapped around her tail. That cow! I swear she’s doing… Continue Reading

In the Waiting Room

I’ve waited to the last minute to post this, hoping I could report that the big event has happened. A calf is born! That’s right, after three years, here I am again, pacing like an expectant farmer in the waiting room set aside for those who own pregnant cows. June is ready to drop her… Continue Reading


For those who don’t know the story, there was once a beautiful and talented weaver in ancient Greece named Arachne. She was so talented that the goddess Athena, also a weaver, challenged her to a weave-off.  They both made four pieces. Athena’s pieces all extolled the wonders and goodness of the Greek pantheon, while those… Continue Reading


The other day I sadly swept a small, dead, completely desiccated toad out of my basement. I love my toads. I love them despite the fact they make the weirdest sound of all the creatures on the farm. Wait, I take that back. I have a blue heron who has begun spending the night on… Continue Reading

Morning Chores

First, an update on that epic battle of mine. IPM (integrated pest management) came through! The lacewings and ladybugs, along with more than a few spiders, have disheartened the ants. Although the cucumber looks pretty tatty, it has set on three new cukes. Victory is mine! Now, back to your regularly scheduled program. This morning,… Continue Reading

An Epic Battle

It’s been an interesting year for squash here on the farm. Early in the season I planted Hubbard squash from a three-year-old package and spaghetti squash seeds from a package that was even older. Much to my surprise, they went crazy.  I have three huge Hubbard squash ready for me to take …where? Where the… Continue Reading

Death Defiance

That cow! Remind me the next time I decide to buy a cow that I need to ask if she was raised by other cows or raised by humans. I definitely prefer cow-raised cows. Almost from the moment June arrived here a couple of months back, it was clear that she was very bonded to… Continue Reading

Felt-backed Ewe

I now know why sheep have to be sheared, even though my Dorpers don’t have wool and supposedly shed their “hair.” Tiny has been working on rubbing off last year’s hair for six months now. That was problem number one. You see, she should have shed it all two months ago. The second problem is… Continue Reading

Lack of Balance

If there was anything in my life I’d like to change it would be my lack of balance. No, I don’t mean my physical balance, which I do admittedly lack as evidenced by my klutziness. Actually, I attribute my physical klutziness to my narrow feet. Because it’s almost impossible to find AA shoes inexpensive enough to… Continue Reading