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Waiting on Babs

There are going to be baby bunnies here on the farm! Despite Buddy Bunny’s lack of experience and a wayward sense of direction, he achieved what he was meant to do and created soon-to-be-born progeny.¬† That’s right. Babs is due any moment. And how can I be sure of this?¬†Because two days ago I put… Continue Reading

The Return of Joy

Like the returning sunlight after the solstice, joy is beginning to once again creep over the farm. Bear is finally recovering from Moosie’s death. I knew Bear had been mourning but I didn’t realize just how deeply we had been affected by Moosie’s absence. Much to my surprise, just like Radha, who was missing her… Continue Reading

A Few Warm Days

A few warm afternoons and all of a sudden everything is thinking spring has arrived. Of course, “warm” is subjective in this case. Since New Year’s Day morning chores have required me to walk out in temps below freezing. The sheep, Bear, the cars and the metal gates are all covered in frost. Before you… Continue Reading


So the ram lambs are getting close to grown up now that they are almost 6 months old. How do I know that? Because they’re playing their two lamb games–“headbutts” and “mount you”–in earnest these days. These days the two lambs do more than simply touch their foreheads. Instead, they back up a considerable distance… Continue Reading

A Christmas Storm?

I’m sitting at my desk, looking out the window at thick dark clouds. Rain, or even snow is predicted for Christmas day. That has me thinking about moving my truck across the road. This is because I didn’t move my truck last year when we had an unusually heavy snowstorm for New Year’s Eve. I… Continue Reading

Happy Puppies and Bunnies

It’s official. Rupert is here to stay. Just as I expected, a full week plus a few days on the farm has made a world of difference for him. Between his new anti-inflammation diet and the Hyaluronic Acid, he’s s now able to hold his hips where they belong as he walks. Even better he… Continue Reading


Well, I did it. I got Radha her own puppy. This past week Bear hasn’t been able to play with her at all and she was clearly bored. Since a bored Radha is not a good thing, I gave in and told the Powers-That-Be that it was time for a new dog. And, as often… Continue Reading

Rabbits and Bunny Tractors

I finally got the first rabbit tractor finished! Is it perfect? No, it’s definitely a prototype, although I fully intend to house a rabbit in it. However, it has square corners and is solid, and light enough to be pulled easily across bumpy ground. And it is so completely covered by wire (some of it… Continue Reading

Brave Little Lamb

For the record, vacation was wonderful. My sister and I shared a cottage on Tomales Bay, which is an inlet between the coast of Marin County and the peninsula that is Point Reyes National Seashore. Point Reyes became a favorite holiday spot for my parents and siblings after they all moved to California. (I had… Continue Reading

Best Buds

First, an update on the plans to build a rabbit tractor. I have the frame assembled! Not too shabby, considering how often I stopped, took things apart, re-measured, decided the iteration wasn’t going to work, and started over. This first one will be done in a day or so, then I’ll start the other two.… Continue Reading